GSC Required Policies and Agreements



Annual registration fee is required for all students at the beginning of the new calendar year or at the time of enrollment for new athletes. We use the AISD Calendar - August-July. Fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.


Tuition is due on the first class of each monthly session. Class fees are based on Enrollment at the start of 4-week session, not on class attendance. Tuition will continue to be billed to your account until notice of withdrawal is given to our office staff.

Tuition will not be refunded or prorated unless discussed in advance.

Payment Policies

Class sessions are every four (4) weeks and posted to your account 2 days priors to the new session starting. Payment is due the first week of the session. Your athlete will not be allowed to attend class, train, or compete if the account is not current before the last week of the session. (Permit Required) ALL TUITION AND FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.



Classes may be rescheduled on another day for absences due to illness, injury, death in the family, pre-scheduled vacation, or inclement weather. All make-up classes must be scheduled in advance with the office within a 60 day period. The athlete must be currently enrolled, and the account must be current. Due to the student to teacher ratio, make-up classes will only be available for classes that have openings.


Class Enrollment / Withdrawal

Upon enrollment in a class, it consequently will continue through the calendar year, unless notification to change, drop or withdraw is given to the office. If a student stops coming to class without notification, that student's account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student's place in that class instead of offering that place to one of the many on a waiting list.

Weather Closure

In case of bad weather, please check our Facebook page and watch local news for updates on closures. If classes are not cancelled and your prefer not to come, you are welcome to schedule a make-up class.


Medical Emergencies

I understand that if accident or trauma occurs to my athlete I authorize Staff, Coaches, Trainers, and Employees of GSC to assess injury, administer first-aid and/or to notify emergency response teams if necessary. I will be notified immediately, or if unable to be reached, the listed Emergency Contact will be notified. If life or limb threatening, I authorize transportation to the nearest medical facility.



Account statements will be emailed at least five days before the close of each month. This statement reflects all unpaid charges. Please review your statement to ensure that it is correct. If you feel that any charges have been made in error, please contact the office.


Media Release

GSC may use photos or videos of students on our website, Facebook, Instagram, banners and/or other marketing mediums. I understand that my child's likeness may be used in such forums. These images will not be given to or sold to outside companies or individuals.


Personal Items

GSC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost and found items are kept in the cubby area. We have cubbies for all students. Lockers are assigned to team members. Please put your child's name on all belongings. Items may be donated to charity after 6 months.

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