Parkour Basics (Traditional or Beginning) 

Introduces everything that makes parkour unique to other sports -  philosophy, general skills and proper technique. Here, you will learn to move around the gym - and life - in a safe, smooth way. The goals of beginner level are to be able to conquer the basic types of obstacles

and movement while setting up goals for future development. 

Vaulting – clearing low-height obstacles

     Jumping – Precision Jump and Landing Tech

Safety   --  rolls, landings, ergonomics

   Conditioning -- strength, balance, discipline, power

Parkour & FreeRunning (Intermediate)

Starts to refine  and connect the skills you've worked on as a beginner, and start to introduce more creative, technical and physical

challenges to your training. 


Developing Flow (smoother connection of skills)

High-Level evolutions of basic skills

Acro (Tumbling, Tricking and Flips)

Safety at height, and with speed


FreeRunning & Tricking (Advanced) 
Focuses on mastering the skills and learning how to be aware of your environment and able to move fluidly with all skills in succession. 
This class has an emphasis on guided self learning.

Students must have proven competance in all Parkour foundations,

skill & disciplines.

Minimum of 6 months recent enrollment in GSC classes and

coach approval is required.

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What you will need for class:  
Comfortable, movable clothes.  No jeans or tight fitting apparel. 

We do much of the class barefoot, but you will need to bring a pair of tennis shoes for the Rock Wall!   

Attitude of adventure!

Aug 2021 - May 2022

Parkour Basics: 1 hr/week = $60. month

Level 1A  Ages: 7 - 11

Level  1B   Ages:  12 and up

  Intermediate :  2 hr/week = $105. month
Level 2  Ages:  10 up
Skills Evaluation Required

ODYSSEY:  A Journey in which You Learn from Your Experiences

Why Parkour?   -  To get to your destination in the most fun, creative, and inspiring way possible.

What will it do for you?  (besides give you mad skills?)

Improve your agility, balance, coordination  and control, develop strength, stamina and power.