Gymnastics Sport Center is a member of the USA Gymnastics family.  Our competitive teams begin in Level 4 of the USAG Junior Olympic Developmental Program.  GSC gymnasts train on all 6 of the Artistic Gymnastics events; Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar.  The Compulsory routine is comprised of a set preset skills done in a specific order and judged on technical excellence.  These routines are designed to guide gymnasts from basic fundamental skills to transition into the advanced optional program.

After building a strong basis of strength, flexibility, & basic skills gymnasts transition into the USAG Junior Olympic Optional Program.  This is the road to the Olympics.  Optional routines are constructed of a series of skills, chosen by the gymnast and their coach.  The more difficult the skill the higher the value & the better the skill is performed, the lower the deductions.  A winning routine is a balance of the most difficult skills that can be performed with the least amount of deductions.  Each routine can be customized to the strengths of the gymnasts.