Class is for moms, dads or other adults and their children up to age 3.  This comprehensive fitness program is designed to improve motor coordination and hand/eye coordination.  Activities are designed to improve body strength, flexibility and self-confidence and to also strengthen the parent/child bond. 
During the 45-minute class you will work on group and individual activities and games, using music and songs.  The last 15 minutes of class, they can explore the gym or jump on the in-ground trampoline using overhead spotting belts.

1 hr Class / 1 day week  = $50. month
Classes for boys and girls ages 3 and up who have limited or no gymnastics experience.  Athletes are divided by ages into different color groups, where our instructors emphasize positive motivation to develop self-esteem in a safe environment. 
During the one-hour weekly class, athletes work on tumbling, springboard, in-ground trampoline, balance beam, uneven and single bars, and the pit.  All classes are geared to help children develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and self-confidence.   
We focus on strength, flexibility and mastery of skills to enable athletes to move into higher levels. 

1 hr Class / 1 day week  = $60. month
                  Colors by Ages
   _    Girls     _                 _   Boys _    
  Blue:   3 - 4 1/2               Purple: 3 - 4
  Green: 4 1/2 - 5               Orange: 5+

  Yellow: 6 - 7 
   Red:   8+